Ciccioli di maiale

Tanto piccoli quanto gustosi, i ciccioli sono un prodotto della tradizione emiliana ottenuti da una particolare lavorazione del maiale.

Il sapore di queste sfoglie di carne essiccata è reso unico dall’aggiunta di spezie naturali, come le foglie di alloro.

I ciccioli di maiale possono essere aggiunti all’impasto di pizze e focacce, oppure gustati semplicemente in abbinamento ad un vino rosso frizzante.

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  • Emiliabox Delizia

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    Emiliabox Delizia

    This box includes the best of Emilia Romagna, offering a gourmet proposal that goes from savory to sweet through condiment. Emiliabox Delizia present itself as a box that satisfied all the tastes, even the most demanding: inside you can find a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano (250g), one bottle of balsamic vinegar (10ml), 5 Parmigiano Reggiano snacks (50g), one Strolghino salami (150g), one pack of pork greaves (80g), one Zucchella plum jam (100g) and one noodles pie (80g).

    1 Piece of Parmigiano Reggiano (250g)
    PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese in yellow straw colour especially during the summer due to cattle feeding based on hay and herbs of permanent grassland of the Reggio Emilia region that can contain up to 150 different species. Can be tried in flakes or shredded. It is sweet and tasty without being spicy, even in advanced aging.

    1 Bottle of Balsamic vinegar (10ml)
    Vinegar appreciated throughout the world: unique in the fullness of perfumes and harmonious acidity acquired with the slow aging in barrels of chestnut and oak trees.

    5 Parmigiano Reggiano snacks (50g)
    When tradition meets innovation, you get small samples of Emilia. In our Lab, the Parmigiano Reggiano snacks are made transforming a skillful combination of selected ingredients of the region. The crackers can be tasted on their own or with a few drops of balsamic dressing, as an appetizer or snack.

    1 Strolghino salami (150g)
    Small salami produced with meat from the Culatello processing. Traditionally, it was the first meat people ate after a few weeks of pork processing. The careful selection of meat and ingredients is an essential step for the success of the product. Delicate and light in taste, is eaten still soft.

    1 Pack of Pork greaves (80g)
    This traditional Emilian product is made from processed pork meat, with special cooking. Their distinctive flavour is obtained by adding natural spices, such as bay leaves. Pork greaves can be enjoyed as they are, or added to focaccia dough, in an aperitif or with cool sparkling red wine, light bodied and young.

    1 Zucchella Plum Jam (100g)
    Typical jam with sweet and delicate flavour of Don Camillo and Peppone, who loved to spread on bread or eat with the famous pie. It is worth mentioning that the territory of Brescello was often used to shoot rural scenes of famous movies: right here, at the Court of San Giorgio reproduced in this package, is the stable where our heroes milk the cows in the first movie of the series.

    1 Noodles pie (80g)
    Emilian tradition pie that almost every family prepares for the holidays. It is great to eat for lunch and combines several typical ingredients of the local cuisine. It has a sweet, firm and fresh flavour.

    Live a unique gourmet experience, bringing on the table all the tastes Made in Emilia ready to eat.